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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back to School Tips for your Dog or Puppy

Summer is over and September is here, which means, your kids are going back to school or college and you’re going back to full-time work. But did you think how this change might affect your dog? Believe it or not, any change in your routine affects your dog or puppy. You probably got to spend loads of time being around your dog during the summer. Now, life is changing for you. Everybody is leaving at once and this change of routine can trigger some anxiety and separation issues for your dog. Changes in your routine can be confusing for you dog. You might need to do a few things to help ease this stress for your dog. I have a few tips that might help all of you out.
1. Try leaving your house for a bit. Make preparations as you leave, like getting your keys ready. But stay outside your door instead of walking to your car. Then come in after 10 minutes. You will have to do this a few times. 2. Don’t make a huge deal when you’re leaving. Spare your dog the big teary goodbyes, which gets them worked up. The goal is to let you dog know that leaving is no big deal. These simple tips will let your dog know that leaving him is the new routine now. If your dog still gets upset when you leave, try leaving something familiar, like a scented shirt from you. Give him or her a shirt that you won’t mind if it get more holes in it. Remember not to give him shirts with buttons, patches zippers or loose threads. Puppy proofing your home. This is important to do even for your grown up dog. If you still he will be mischievous when you leave, try these tips. 1. Crate him when they are alone. Remember that a bored dog is a naughty dog. That’s just who they are. 2. Think about giving him toys , that will make him or her think. There are plenty of puzzle toys out there that are safe to give to your dog. Ask you vet for some good examples. Some toys, you can even put kibble in. We want to occupy their time, when left alone. 3. Hide healthy treats in a confined area for your dog. Giving them the run of your home is not always the best idea. 4. Hire a good dog walker to come in a few times. This activity will give your dog the excercise they need to tire them out. 5. A different schedule might mean feeding schedules have changed. If you’re going to change-up his or her feeding time, do this gradually. This way the feeding change will not cause them to have an upset stomach, as you rush out the door. 6. When you’re planning your routine, don’t forget to include your dog in it. Schedule their feeding times, walk times, and of course your time with your dog. They need your attention all year-long. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Follow me on facebook: and sign up for my blog. It’s easy, find my picture and follow the prompts.