Keepin Up With Val

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Here's to a Safe Thanksgiving

As you enjoy your holiday feast with friends and family, you may think about giving thanks to your canine companion by sharing some yummy "people food" with him. But before you slip him some food under the table, remember this: Many of your favorite festive foods—which are often rich and fatty—can make your pooch quite ill. To help keep your pet healthy during this joyous time of year, follow the advice in this holiday safety checklist: Move food to a place where pets can't reach it. If your hungry dog knows there’s a yummy meal on the countertop, sideboard, or table, he may be tempted to reach it, no matter how challenging the upward journey may be. Don't feed your dog poultry bones. You may enjoy nibbling on bones, but they can splinter and get stuck in your dog’s esophagus, stomach, or intestines. Keep a lid on your garbage can. With their super-sensitive sense of smell, dogs can easily sniff out mouth-watering tidbits of discarded food. To help them resist temptation, use a garbage can with a tight-fitting lid. Beware of chocolate. Consumed in large-enough quantities, this favorite human treat can be fatal to dogs! And remember, there always seems to be plenty of chocolate around during the holiday season! Print Free Coupons Keep an eye on your dog as guests enter and leave your home. Some dogs love to bolt out of the door when it opens, so you may want to consider moving your dog to a quieter part of the house when guests arrive and leave. Give your dog a fun chew toy. When it’s time to sit down to dinner, distract your dog by giving him a chew toy. As he enjoys chewing away, you and your guests can concentrate on the delicious meal you prepared. Speaking of meals… Feed your dog his favorite meal. This will keep his belly full and his taste buds satisfied. Since this is turkey season, we suggestCESAR HOME DELIGHTS Turkey, Green Beans & Potatoes Dinner Dog Food Trays 3.5 oz. (Pack of 24) .